Worn out Depositor? Need to run a new product? Order before the New Year and save 10%

The new year is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about tooling.

When it comes to Depositors, Piston Blocks and Deposit Plates are some of the most important components. Imperial Design Technologies specializes in designing and building Depositors so we know what it takes to retro-fit or rebuild your equipment.

Worn out Depositors often have enlarged piston bores and damaged seals resulting in inaccurate deposit weights into the cavities of your mold. This can also lead to leakage after the product is dispensed, leaving excess product on your molds. Not only do you waste material, valuable production time is lost to cleaning and you spend more time sorting rejected pieces. If you’re seeing some of these symptoms, you know it’s time to re-evaluate your equipment.

If you need a new piston block simply visit this page and let us know the details specific to your application. Mold size, product weights and type, molds per minute, and equipment manufacture are some of the questions you will be asked.


Adding another product to your depositor is an easy way to make a quick return on your investment. If your existing piston block has enough capacity, we can design the new deposit plates to match your equipment. Additionally, Deposit Plates can be custom designed to meet your new product or mold requirements. Fill out the quote form here and let us know application details.



Would you like to rebuild or retrofit your whole depositor? We offer many upgrade options, ranging from servo driven pistons to new chain circuits. Visit THIS page for a full list of options.

Beat the New Year rush on tooling; order before Jan 1st, 2016 and save 10%!  Refer to code winter2015 when you fill out the quote form or contact info.

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