Retrofit Extruder

Imperial Design offers many options for improving your existing extruder. From mechanical to servo conversions to replacement heads, we've got you covered. Engineered to fit your existing extruder, installed and integrated by our technicians.

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Top Notch Support

From engineering design to installation, we can support you as much or as little as you need.

Completely stainless steel option for cleanliness and durability

A completely stainless steel option is available, providing high corrosion resistance for rigorous environments and a long product lifecycle.

Replacement head and feed rolls

Replacement feed rolls or a completely new head return consistency to old, worn extruders

Features & Benefits

Rebuild your existing extruding machine. Some of our typical services include:

  • Complete disassembly of existing extruder
  • Sandblast base frame, prime and paint Steel-It grey
  • Sandblast all existing parts that can be re-used. Prime and paint Steel-It grey or Teflon coat as required or upgrade to stainles
  • Replace all bearings on entire machine, including feed rolls
  • Upgrade oscillating knife and motor
  • Replace mechanical drive(s) with variable speed gear motor(s)
  • New hopper
  • Replace conveyor belt with new polyurethane belt
  • Replace all sprockets and chain
  • Replace feed roll gears and jackshaft gears
  • Add stainless steel guarding, including feed roll gears
  • Replace electrical enclosure, operator panel, and electrical components as needed
  • Assemble and test rebuilt extruder


Retrofit a new head to your existing extruder

  • Interchangeable die and filler blocks
  • New precision machined feed rolls provide consistent and controlled product extrusion
  • Removable hopper
  • On site installation on existing machine

Optional Features

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