Semi Automatic Depositing


  • For molding solid, solid with inclusions and one shot products
  • Mold sizes up to 600mm
  • Intermittent chain circuit
  • Output of up to 15 molds per minute


Semi Automatic Depositing features

  • Semi Automatic Depositor dispenses directly into loose molds allowing for product variety and future growth
  • Variable length and width systems are available based on your application requirements
  • Multiple depositor configurations for solid, solid with inclusions or one-shot products
  • Standard pneumatic piston drive offers a cost effective option for solid and included products.  Optional servo drive provides maximum flexibility and accuracy for one shot products as well as solid and included pieces
  • Standard pneumatic mold lift or optional servo available
  • Interchangeable piston blocks and deposit plates
  • Depositors are available in two design styles, free standing cantilever or frame mounted for semi automatic systems
  • Variable speed indexing conveyor
  • Stainless steel, water-jacketed hopper with water heating/circulating system, independent temperature control and variable speed agitator
  • Allen Bradley PLC and operator interface

Optional features


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