Retrofit Extruder


  • Engineered to fit on your existing extruder
  • Full stainless steel construction available for improved sanitation
  • Installed and integrated in your facility by our technicians

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Retrofit / Rebuild Extruder

  • Rebuild your existing extruding machine. Some of our typical services include:
    • Complete dis-assembly of existing extruder
    • Sandblast base frame, prime and paint Steel-It
    • Sandblast all existing parts that can be re-used. Prime and paint Steel-It or Teflon coat as determined
    • Replace all bearings on entire machine, including feed rolls
    • Upgrade oscillating knife and motor
    • Replace drives with variable speed gear motor
    • New Hopper
    • Replace conveyor belt with new urethane belt
    • Replace all sprockets and chain
    • Replace feed roll gears and jack shaft gears
    • Add stainless steel guarding, including feed roll gears
    • Replace electrical enclosure, operator panel, and electrical components as needed
    • Assemble and test rebuilt extruder
  • Retrofit a new head to your existing extruder
    • Interchangeable die and filler blocks
    • New precision machined feed rolls provides consistent and controlled product extruding
    • Removable hopper
    • On site installation and wiring on existing machine



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