Rebuild Equipment


  • Retool or refurbish your existing equipment
  • Extend the life of useful equipment
  • Reduce your downtime and frustration


Rebuild equipment standard services

  • Tear down of existing machine
  • Rebuild equipment common replacement items:
    • Chain
    • Drives
    • Gears
    • Sprockets
    • Bearings
    • Bearing seals
    • Door seals
    • Shafts
  • Additional options
    • Engineering / upgrades
    • Replace steel items with stainless steel
    • Control panel upgrades
    • Sandblast frames and repaint / powdercoat
    • Teflon coating
    • On-site service
    • Updated manual, drawings




shafts, bearings and sprockets ready to be installed


it’s only a matter of time before your machine fails for the last time, schedule your rebuild today

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