Frozen Dough Wirecut Extruder


  • For extruding cookies, biscuits and other bakery products
  • Multiple cutters and paper handling options available for a total systems solution
  • Interchangeable filler blocks and dies provide extreme product flexibility


Frozen Dough Wirecut Extruder features

  • A wide range of Frozen Dough Wirecut Extruder belt widths are available, between 10″ (254mm) up to 48″ (1220mm)
  • Heavy duty head and base frame
  • Continuous feed roll movement
  • Large diameter jacketed feed rolls allows for easy feeding of the product through accurately machined die outlets
  • Consistent weight control is achieved by using a filler block design with inlets above each die outlet
  • Interchangeable filler block and/or dies are easily removed and inserted for different product sizes and shapes
  • Mechanical cam locking device for die plate to filler block
  • Polyurethane conveyor belt with automatic belt tracking and scraper
  • Servo driven belt raise
  • Servo driven wire cut mechanism with two axis control for wire up & drop through cycle
  • Servo driven belt conveyor with skip mechanism
  • Stainless steel decking & guards
  • Speed range 60 to 100 cuts/minute, based on product
  • Paper feeder
  • Pneumatic Paper Cutter Assembly



Optional features

Frozen Dough Extruder - servo and variable speed controls

Frozen Dough Extruder – servo and variable speed controls

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