Semi Automatic Depositing

For molding solid, solid with inclusions and one shot products. Mold sizes up to 600mm. Intermittent chain circuit. Output of up to 15 molds per minute

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Customizable to Your Application

With multiple depositor configurations, interchangeable piston blocks and deposit plates, and an array of additional options, we can fit the application you need.

Designed for Durability

Our stainless steel, water-jacketed hopper means easy cleaning and durability. We also have a stainless steel frame available.

Accurate for a Variety of Molds

Our semi-automatic depositor dispenses directly into loose molds, allowing a variety of different product options.

Features & Benefits

  • Semi Automatic Depositor dispenses directly into loose molds allowing for product variety and future growth
  • Variable length and width systems are available based on your application requirements
  • Multiple depositor configurations for solid, solid with inclusions or one-shot products
  • Standard pneumatic piston drive offers a cost effective option for solid and included products.  Optional servo drive provides maximum flexibility and accuracy for one shot products as well as solid and included pieces
  • Standard pneumatic mold lift or optional servo mold lift available
  • Two independently controlled, variable speed mold shaking stations
  • Interchangeable piston blocks and deposit plates
  • Depositors are available in two design styles, free standing cantilever or frame mounted for semi automatic systems
  • Variable speed indexing conveyor
  • Stainless steel, water-jacketed hopper with water heating/circulating system, independent temperature control and variable speed agitator
  • Allen Bradley PLC and operator interface

Optional Features

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