Depositor Piston Blocks

Add capability or replace your existing piston block. Engineered for your most demanding product applications. Custom design available for your existing equipment.

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Versatile According to Your Needs

We have multiple size pistons, and can design multiple size valves, with larger sizes for running inclusions. We can create custom designs for your exact production needs.

The Perfect Depositing Temperature

We ensure that your depositing occurs at the exact temperature for maximum quality. All piston blocks are water jacketed for maintaining product temperature during deposit.

Easy to Maintain and Upkeep

Every part is designed to be cleaned and replaced. Our depositor piston blocks are easily cleaned and maintained with replaceable seals and spare parts.

Features & Benefits

  • Piston blocks are available for solid, solid with inclusions, or one-shot depositing
  • Multiple size valves are available, larger sizes for running inclusions
  • Multiple size pistons available
  • Single, double or triple row pistons
  • Custom design can be provided for endless product configurations
  • Engineered to optimize product flow
  • Piston block – aluminum with hard-coat anodized finish, rotary valve and pistons are stainless steel
  • All piston blocks are water jacketed for maintaining product temperature during deposit
  • Easily cleaned and maintenance with replaceable seals and spare parts
  • Approval prints supplied prior to manufacturing
  • Typical delivery is six to eight weeks after receipt of purchase order
  • Deposit plates are also available

Optional Features

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