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Chocolate & BAR Production Equipment

Chocolate enrobers, depositors, extrusion machines and more—candy, health food, or snack bar production equipment.

Chocolate Bar Machinery

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Chocolate Machinery

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Retrofits & Rebuilds

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Your Success is Our Success

When you partner with IDT, we’re with you every step of the way.

Agile, iterative process practices

For 40 years, Imperial Design has been designing and building durable and reliable food production machinery. Whatever your need, we’ve got you covered.

When You Need Us, We're Ready

Many of our customers work with us because of our fast response time, high attentiveness, and industry knowledge. We know that uptime is critical.  Our staff is ready to assist you with replacement parts, on-site service, and engineering expertise.  And even if we didn’t build it, we can supply parts, upgrades, and retrofits to your equipment to keep you up and running.

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